10 Years of Love (J.P and Terilyn)

I never write. I mean yes I can write, but not on my blog- write. This one though is really special to me so I thought to actually tell a little a bit why it is. I met Terilyn and her husband J.P 2 years ago when I had nothing. Like seriously nothing! I had no job and no income, no sense of direction with what I wanted to do both photography-wise and generally with my life. I don’t remember having bugged anyone ever as I did when she placed ads for a female photographer assistant on Facebook.

It all started here- The Mara! And it’s been a whole lot of a great journey since; from shifting from Canon equipment, working for a second hand camera, quitting a day job, having a couple of fights in there (lol!), to lots of wine and wine tasting events, baby sitting weekends and I think the last being matching tattoos!! I say it to her that ours has been the longest relationship I have had!( Believe me I mean it…not even a romantic one has gotten there yet!) I don’t know any people who’ve let me in on their skill, their work, personal life, family and to some passwords as I have been let in by these guys!

So to be able to do this for them, especially since its where we first began, is heaven!! I have gained and learned more than I thought I possibly could because someone gave an opportunity and believed in me!  I hope someday I am able to, if not repay for all the goodness, at least pass it down to someone else.

Just so you know this shoot was literally 30 minutes and mostly involved tip-toeing away from their beautiful 2 boys who came along for the shoot! Talk about pressure!! Shooting not only a fellow award winning( yes I think she does deserve a couple of oscars for her work and the couple of other hats she gets to wear) but look at the size of that muscle on J.P! You would not want to mess with that!

I love you guys a lot! You’re like family to me and I’m super stoked to have not just met you and gone through life with you for the 2 years but also to have shot your 10 year anniversary portraits. Amidst the laughs, funny faces and kids this is what we got!

I celebrate you!


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